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Holy Ghost Cemetery

Holy Ghost Cemetery

Holy Ghost Cemetery, founded by the community under the direction of Fr. Stanley Wachowicz OMI in 1942, is home to almost 7,000 people who have gone to their rest to be at home with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Forty one of The Missionary Oblates of Assumption Province, whom we are indebted to for establishing Holy Ghost Parish, are also laid to rest in our Cemetery.

Holy Ghost Cemetery provides option of either a traditional or ash burial. The cemetery has about 1500 plots still available for traditional burial and the new Columbarium offers over 700 niches. A burial shows the dignity of the human body, which is an essential part of each person’s identity, and burying it confirms faith in the resurrection. Catholics have been allowed to choose cremation over burial as a mean of laying a loved one to rest. Since the ashes must be kept intact, the same as one would treat a body, they should remain in an Urn that is interred in a proper place, such as Columbarium. 

Over many years, our cemetery has undergone major renovation work such as road reparation, drainage system improvement, gate replacement and more. Currently, we are continuing to renovate, beautify, and maintain the place on a daily basis.  Every year new foundations are poured in the older sections where monuments are beginning to lean forward. There are plans to add short road by the columbarium. New park benches and planters are been installed.

Three, new Columbarium had been added to the existing one. They provide over 700 additional niches.

Cemetery prayers are held on an annual basis varying either in the month of September or October. These are well attended by hundreds of parishioners, families, friends & guests. The Rosary is recited as we walk in procession throughout the cemetery stopping periodically in prayer of our dearly departed loved ones.

The Cemetery is open year round, for those wishing to visit family and friends who have gone before them.

Those wishing information regarding our cemetery are welcomed to contact our parish office & assistance will graciously be provided.

In 1914 a parcel of land in Old Kildonan was acquired to become the first Polish cemetery in that district. However, because of its location, the site was deemed impractical at the time. Under the direction of Fr. Stanley Wachowicz OMI the Holy Ghost community found a Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery in May of 1942 in the district of Riverside, on North Main Street, where many Parishioners & Oblates of Mary Immaculate, members of Assumption Province in Canada, lie buried.